That’s me. JC Mendez and I've been toting my camera around since I was a kid, snapping away at anything and everything that caught my eye; with big dreams and aspirations of being a great photographer some day, I always knew that one day I would.

Well as life would have it, I spent the better part of my life in law enforcement, yet never really got out of the habit of toting my camera around and still held on to those dreams of being a photographer and doing something that I am passionate about.

Today, I own and operate DVFX Studios in Miami, FL and specialize in commercial and portrait photography, as well as music, wildlife and film and video productions. Whether I’m making images or teaching a workshop, I love what I do; I’m thankful to those who have shared their knowledge and experience with me, for all the encouragement I've received along the way, and the many opportunities I've had to share my vision, experience and knowledge with others. If you have any questions or would like to book me for a session, just fill out the form below or drop me email at

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