A Change of Pace..... by JC Mendez


As an artist/photographer it is absolutely essential that we evaluate who and what we are, and how that is translating into our work. Perhaps the hardest question is, what is it that defines us, and our work; thus we are constantly striving to evolve and learn new techniques that will fine tune and enhance our skills. We are all a product of our experiences in life and perhaps the answer lies somewhere between, where we are and where we’ve been.


I’ve recently discovered a new side to my passion for photography, in landscapes and the great outdoors; and while there is no doubt that I will continue my current photography work and share my knowledge and experience through my courses and workshops, I have decided to take a step off the beat and path and try something new by exploring this newfound inspiration through a new personal project, “The Florida Everglades; A Natural Resource and It’s Inhabitants.”


This shot is a couple of years old taken during the Nesting Season at Everglades National Park. I spent about 6 hours of the day taking shots of the nesting family and, as luck would have it, I came away with some really great images.

The North American Osprey is a large raptor, that can grow to as much as 2 feet in length with a 6-foot wingspan. These Raptors have extraordinary vision and use their keen senses to hunt for food, killing their prey with their sharp talons. They can be found from Alaska, across Canada, southward to Mexico and the Caribbean, and into South America. They are also here in Florida and their population increases in the winter months where they spend the winter months nesting amidst the abundant feeding grounds of the Florida Everglades.